Where is Howard's Home?

Howard the dog is lost and alone. Will he ever find what he is looking for?

Howard is an older stray doggie who found himself homeless and in an animal shelter. He was repeatedly passed by for younger dogs to adopt. So sad! Follow along with Howard on his journey to finding a place to call home!

In January of 2020, I found myself at the Siouxland Humane Society saying hello to all the sweeties. Normally, this is a terrible idea for me since I just want to bring everyone home with me. (Definitely not an option!) I found this sweet little guy and we connected immediately. Howard was his name, and being an adorable love-hog was his game. It worked. Taking on a new pet is a big deal, I already have two once-stray cats. Would they all get along? I had to try. No regrets.

I have worked to unravel Howard’s story, but there isn't a lot of information.

So I took what I knew and decided to tell his story. This is a children's book about Howard's journey to finding a home. Recommended ages from 3-7 at heart.

You can find Howard's book on Amazon here:

Sneak a peek...

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