Alley Art Festival 2023

Sioux City, Iowa

Level Up! That's my theme for this year's Alley Art Festival. 

I reused the same 10' x 10' footprint from my mural from 2020 and reimagined it for this piece- leveling up my art skills and allowing the original character to grow during the process. 

Check out all the cool art in the alleyways between 4th and 6th, and Nebraska and Pierce! 

Interior Line Art

Sioux City, Iowa

For a small space that needs that little something, this line art mural works wonders! Now, it's a unique conversation piece and adds interest to an otherwise overlooked space. 

Gallery in the Sky Festival 2023

Sioux City, Iowa

I am truly honored to be a part of the Gallery in the Sky Festival this year! This piece is called "Futura Sioux"; my vision of the
'Sioux City of the Future', complete with Space Needle and transporter pods nestled in among our iconic downtown structures. 

Head into the skywalks to check out the fresh vibes!

Alley Art Festival 2022

Sioux City, Iowa

Once again, I ventured into new territory for my mural for this year's festival. With a little inspiration from Banksy, I went for it by contrasting black and white imagery against the abstract, vivid, and bold geometric background. There was some graffiti on the wall prior to my mural, so I  incorporated some of the metallic silver and black from it into this piece, revealing a peek into the wall's past life. It is in an alley, after all, so I'm really into the bright tones!

Check it out in the alley located along the side of the Art SUX Gallery, next to some amazing pieces by some very talented local artists.

Interior Ginko Mural

Sioux City, Iowa

This mural was created to liven up this empty wall with the intention of positioning this particular couch in front of it. Using a softer color palette, and experimenting with technique, I created a focal piece that mimics a weathered surface while promoting the vibrancy of the furniture fabric making it the star of the show.

Alley Art Festival 2021

Orpheum Theater Alley Wall, Sioux City, Iowa

New year, new style! I decided to shake things up this year and try a different approach to my muraling. 

Because my mural is located on the alley wall of the Sioux City Orpheum, I chose to incorporate a musical-themed design. I intended to create a "bluesy", cool, classy vibe to this brick wall by adding a lively mix of blues to contrast the darkness of the background. 

Stop downtown to check it out and all the other incredible pieces from local Sioux City artists!

Art in the Park 2021

Arnolds Park, Iowa

Furniture pieces commissioned by Imagine Iowa Great Lakes

I finished these pieces live on the day of the event for people to stop by and see them come to life! Imagine Iowa Great Lakes partnered with local businesses so that these pieces would have a new home once they were completed. The Art in the Park event was amazing and painting live on location was a truly positive experience!

The picnic table has a new home at the Wahpeton city park along the bike trail, and the bench is located at The Three Sons in Milford, Iowa!

Tag me @badmoonjune or #badmoonjune with photos of you and your peeps enjoying them!

Adio Chiropractic Clinic

Sioux City, IA

Second mural with business logo and quote.

Back for a second mural for ADIO Chiropractic! Dr. Nick wanted to add a little pizzaz and some positivity into this adjustment space, and we did just that! 

Alley Art Festival 2020

Sioux City, Iowa

Inspired by my free-spirited, cartwheeling friend, this 'Magic Cartwheel' was my contribution to the Alley Art Festival of 2020. This piece is 10'x10'!

Once again, my intention was to bring bright playful colors and content into a typically dark passageway downtown. Luckily, this location is illuminated during the night time hours so it is easily spotted!

Mock Vintage

Mural on Brick

Wanting to create an interesting focal point on the brick wall of a basement office, I chose to utilize the home's build year and created a weathered look to give it an aged appearance.

Watch it happen here:

I Painted a Mock Old Painted Sign! 

Birthday Card Mural

Temporary Mural

We all had to rethink so many of the things we took for granted in 2020. So when my Grandma's 95th birthday came, I knew hugs and kisses were out of the question. Instead, I created a birthday mural for her and placed it outside her window (after checking with her facility, of course!) This piece started out as a plain 4' x 8' sheet of plywood. Having painted the majority of it the evening before, I transported it to her facility where I enlisted my brother to help me finish it up right before her eyes outside her window. She was delighted to see us and watch us paint for her, plus we got to spend the afternoon together-apart! Her facility was gracious enough to allow me to leave it in place for an entire month!

The American Legion

Touch-up work

Dakota City, Nebraska

It was an honor to do a little touch-up work on this fine piece which was originally painted by one of our beloved veterans. The original mural had unfortunately been damaged from tape and tacks holding party decorations from people renting the space for celebrations. I enlisted the help of my son who gladly accompanied me. The kind folks at the Legion made us feel right at home.

The Dickinson County Museum

Spirit Lake, Iowa

2' X 6' mural commissioned to add a little whimsy to the front door of this old outhouse on the museum property.

Midwest Community Credit Union

Sioux City, Iowa

Mural featuring the services provided by Midwest Community Credit Union.

The Credit Union wanted to brighten up this cozy nook with a mural featuring the services they provide. 

Art in the Alley Festival 2019

Downtown Sioux City, Iowa

Vangarde Arts and Downtown Partners

Large outdoor mural located in the alley between Pierce and Nebraska and 4th and 5th streets. My goal was to create a space with large, vibrant shapes and colors to bring a refreshing sight to a forgotten passageway.

Adio Chiropractic Clinic

Sioux City, IA

Mural with business logo and quote.

My eternal gratitude to Dr. Nick for giving me my first opportunity to create a mural! 

 "Cherie was incredibly professional and reasonable. Gave great suggestions and takes pride in her work. I'd highly recommend her to anyone interested in artistic needs."  -Dr. Nick, ADIO Chiropractic