Case Study 1: ADIO Chiropractic Clinic

ADIO Chiropractic Clinic

The finished painting in ADIO Chiropractic's adjustment room.

ADIO Chiropractic Clinic's Dr. Nick was interested in having his business logo and quote painted on the wall in his adjustment room. We met and discussed what he was looking for as far as size and design, and I was able to view the space that the work would be done on. I gave him a rough estimate for cost and time to do the work requested, took photos of the wall, and began working out a few ideas based on our conversation.

While communicating through email, I continued to develop the design and introduced different design aspects until we found exactly what he wanted and what was feasible for me to accomplish with paint. We then scheduled a day to start painting.

Case Study 2: Art in the alley festival

Art in the Alley Festival

Finished mural found in Art Alley, downtown Sioux City.

I had a few ideas ready to go for this event but once I saw the space where I could paint, I knew it could be great! With the festival only two weeks away, I knew I had to keep my design simple. However, I also wanted it to be a bright burst of vibrant color for this space.

Concept drawing

I took a photo of the space I would be working in and sketched up something that would bring my idea to life. What better in a dark, forgotten alley than larger-than-life bright yellow and orange flowers? The idea was simplistic and BIG. This mural was outdoors, there was a time crunch, and the weather around these parts is never dependable.

Once I had the approval, it was off to gather paint and supplies.

Dodging rain showers, heat, and shadows cast from an overhead sun, I worked on this mural whenever I had the chance to. Mornings, afternoons and into the late night I could be found on a ladder in this downtown alley. Happily, the deadline was met and the festival had one more piece of local artwork lining the alley.